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Ok, the reason the album hasn't imported over is because if you look at it on musicbrainz, under 'Release' it's listed as (Unknown)... That's wrong. It should be listed as 'Official'. We can only import 'Official' albums.

I did a manual refresh of the artist for you, but it looks like "A Very Unusual Head" hasn't been added to yet. Which is where our song assignments come from. Someone needs to do that first.

Also, sorry I forgot to mention it earlier, in response to your previous question it was decided to not include festival shows in the venue stats, because they tend to take over and be everyone's number one venue. Personally, I would like to see more view settings for personal stats. I'm going to suggest it and see what the admins say. If you have suggestions for the site you can always post them in the forum.

That's interesting. I've never noticed that, but it sounds like a bug. I'll report it to the Admins and see if they can fix it.