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Hi! Hope you can post the setlist when the show is done, seeing them in a few weeks! Have fun!

I suggest that you discontinue reverting Moderator's edits on this website. We have hundreds of similar instances here and this is we list them when we don't know exactly what songs were played in a medley. It is quite a common occurrence

Thanks for responding promptly. I have deleted the song because it did not connect to the correct song. Personally, I would add an @info tag to "The Way It Is" with the prelude information there, especially since a link to the correct song does not seem to be available.

The User who corrected your setlist is not a troll. He is correct about the prelude being a JS Bach cover. Whether it should be listed separately or not is debatable. But please re-read the Guidelines. Creating "songs" that are not actual songs causes problems for us.

Either you didn't read this or chose to ignore it so I am blocking your changes until you reply to my concerns on my page. Just click on my name and you will be able to leave a comment there.

The User who corrected your error in this setlist is correct. Please read the Guidelines, especially the section for @Cover songs. And please never add descriptions of songs as actual songs. Setlists only contain songs. Descriptions and other information is put into the @ tags.