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Hello. I saw you attended a Celine Dion concert in 1994. Do you have a recording of it?

Hi there,

I see you attended Cher’s Sandstone Amphitheater concert in August 1999. Did you or anyone you know make recordings of that concert?? If so, could you please email me at I’d love to get a copy if you’d permit it. :)

Hello, I have an unusual request. I see that you attended Journey's concert in Kansas City, MO on September 21, 1986, and I was wondering, did you happen to record their concert that night, or do you know anyone who did record? If so, please email me at

i saw that you attended the poppy show last night! what songs did she do for encore? i was only there for i disagree but you were the first to put bite your teeth. im just confused and hoping you could clear this up!

Hello, I see you were at one of the System Of A Down concerts - did you have any material from there? For example, Audio, Video, Photo, Tickets.
If so, drop me a line at or here


Hey, I saw that you went to System of a Down concerts between 1998~2002, that's awesome! Do you still have any stuff of them from these times? Like photos, videos, tickets/flyers, etc. If yes, reply me via e-mail please:


THANK YOU. I've explained the 8/25 KISS show fact more than once and it keeps getting changed back to 8/26. Guess it doesn't matter that we were actually THERE, huh? :D

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