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Setlist Reignwolf: Please and Lily May on the hardcopy setlist I possess

Was just curious if you had any success downloading the show from dime. When we messaged back in the summer you couldn't get the show of dime.

Did you ever get a copy of this show?

Hey man! I changed it back! :) sorry for the change, I just thought it was more than a snippet I didn’t know about Reignwolf until I saw him these shows! But he’s amazing!! Def gonna see him again

Could be your browser, could be your TSP, I'm not sure. It should be a link.

The files are FLAC. dime is lossless only and the preferred file type is FLAC. Only 6 tracks so the file size is relatively small, just under 200Mb

Right under the title i Torrent File. The actual link i to the right of that, underlined and ending in .torrent. That downloads the torrent file to your computer, when you open that file it will open your torrent client for you (utorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission etc.) and then you download. I'm assuming you have a bit torrent client and know how to use it.

I'll check that out, thanks. There's some good video from some fests out there too. Not sure if they are still on dime, but likely out of your range if you are going to open a new account. Downloaded 4 shows in 720p, short set on Cubs opening day, another Chicago show from the fall, Bottlerock 2018 and Philly 2016, all webcasts.

Are you on dime? That's where I got it from and it is still up.
Has one seeder right now but if I know you are going to upload I can get back on it if you need.
First time I saw them was 2015 opening for JJ Grey at a blues fest in Fredericton. Impressed me so much I raced from the main tent after JJ Grey to catch their midnight set on the other side of downtown. Great band and can't wait for their Toronto show in October.
If you aren't on dime send another message. No reason we can't find a way to work this out. Sound on it is excellent.