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If they played there it will surely be mentioned in Humo magazine. I've uploaded all concerts listed in 1997, now busy with 1999

There was no mention of a concert on March 6, 1998 on your link, so it was deleted

A link to another setlist which took place at the same venue and date is not a valid source
Use a valid source before the setlist get deleted automatically

If you have the book https://like.fi/kirjat/22-pistepirkko/ please list the page where the concert is listed and some songs are mentioned.

Would it be possible for you to assign the concerts you attended in KavKa Antwerp to the correct venue either
https://www.setlist.fm/venue/kavka-oudaan-antwerp-belgium-53d3cfa5.html of https://www.setlist.fm/venue/kavka-zappa-antwerp-belgium-4bd3cfa6.html
Thanks in advance.

Muistatko kakki 1118 keikkaa?

You were correct with AB Club, I've reverting these Biedjee bad edits one by one.

Were the festivals on the cruise named Sweden Rock Cruise?

You create a festival with a French name in Finland?
Do you have a source?

Muistatko kaikki 500 keikkaa?

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