My Rhythm and My Blues: D.C. Young Fly

You might have heard of D.C. Young Fly, but in this episode of My Rhythm and My Blues you will get to KNOW the multi-faceted entertainer that he is. Watch as he tells his journey through comedy, music, Wild 'N Out, acting and more.


My name's D.C. Young Fly. I act, sing, dance. Do stand up comedy. I'm a father. I'm from Atlanta, from the Westside, Zone 4 to be exact. You know Adamsville, Martin Luther King. I always was a funny kid, you know they always find me funny in school. I was voted class clown in 12th grade so my peers always saw that in me even when I didn't see it in myself. Once I stopped doing all that and focused on the reality of things, that was God telling me, like if you pay attention, everything is gonna open on up. And then that's what I just did. I just stayed on it and never looked back.

On comedy:

I study a lot of comedians for different reasons. I have my favorites: Karlous Miller, Tony Roberts, Bernie Mac is my all time favorite, Katt Williams, Mike Epps... I watched everybody to see what their strengths were, what made them great. In this field, you gotta wanna be a great at what you do. I ain't trying to be that person, I ain't trying to be that person, I'm trying to go out there and be the best me that you ever seen.

On music:

The music is my passion. Comedy just my calling. My brother was a drummer. My cousin was a drummer. I started playing the drums because I grew up in the church. So I always was singing. To some people they like, "oh, he's just started." I'm like, no, this in my genes. This is what I do. My first time getting into the studio of music was 2008 or 9. And ever since 2012 until 2021, I have dropped nine projects. Me being an artist is just, it's just in my genes. And I've been doing this since a baby.

Wild 'n Out experience:

First got on "Wild 'n Out" it was 2015. Gotta give credit to Nick man, he gave a lot of jobs, man. People forget that "Wild 'n Out" is the culture. There was no other show that's bringing your favorite artists, your favorite actor, your favorite anything and putting them in a light. The show just brings fun and laughter to the culture, man. You know, ain't no matter who you is, man, you can get jumped off, man. I got jumped off by a little girl, man - Lil Lay Lay! A girl nine years old, man, she gave me the business, you hear me?

Playing Sly Stone on BET's American Soul:

Soul was a big break for me because I actually had to do a drama role and actually play and get into character. 'Cause it's easy you can get typecast in comedy where people will only see you for that but a lot of people don't know that comedians do very well with drama. Like I take acting roles very serious, like I'm very engaged and when I played Sly and the Family Stone, they made me go do homework. So I appreciate that role from the top.

On racism:

When you out here and you being a African-American, you know, you over here in America, you got to know what you're dealing with and knowing what times is out here. And I'm not here to say that a white man called me a n**** to my face 'cause you would've got slapped, you know? But they do it in different forms now. It's more sneaky and more covered up and they do it with titles. I don't understand where the hate comes from inside when you hate somebody so bad who you don't even know. Like I don't know you. And for us to be treated like that for over 400 years like we still here living amongst people who hate us. Like... the f***? Should have left us where the f*** we was at. You dig what I'm saying? But we built this whole entire country together. You just have to face reality. Now country is up and running and you want us to leave. It don't work like that cause once we leaving this m******** coming with us.

His legacy:

I just want my legacy to just be determined, driven and just nonstop. Because if I can do it, you could do it. I came from the mud, the dirt the dirt of all dirt. I had no earnings, my earnings was wishings. I wish I had earnings. I'll let you know if I can do it, you can do it.

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