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Aug 27 2020

Bob Corn at Freakout Club, Bologna, Italy

  1. Rest In Peace
  2. Call Me Your Name
  3. Dress The Blues
  4. Rock N Roll
  5. Grab A Hoe
  6. Care Of Some Sheeps
  7. Crêuza de mä
  8. Se ti tagliassero a pezzetti
  9. Al Post In Du Stag
  10. Love At Home
Mar 17 2019

Bob Corn at Metabolè, Novellara, Italy

  1. Shake Around The Fool
  2. Lost in the Mirror
  3. Down, Without You
  4. Birthday Song
  5. Just the Garden
  6. So Sweet
  7. Slowly Sliding Away
  8. Canto di primavera
  9. Danny Nedelko
  10. Blood Brother
  11. Wearing Wings
  12. La ballata dell'invasione degli extraterrestri
  13. ...
Aug 17 2017
Bob Corn setlists

Bob Corn

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