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Sep 22 2021

Colin Linden at AmericanaFest 2021

  1. Angel Next to Me
  2. 4 Cars
  3. Until the Heat Leaves Town
  4. Just Like I Treat You
  5. My Baby Used To Cry Cry Cry
  6. Honey on My Tongue
  7. Life Is Beautiful
  8. Remedy
Jul 9 2017

Colin Linden at Harrison Festival Society, Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada

  1. Knob & Tube
  2. Smoke 'em All
  3. Later Than You Think
  4. Everybody Ought to Be Loved
  5. And Then You Begin
  6. Big Mouth
  7. Little Red Rooster
  8. Just Like I Treat You
  9. Sugar Mine
  10. I Give Up
  11. From the Water
  12. Rich in Love
  13. ...
Colin Linden setlists

Colin Linden

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