Gaelic Storm Setlists

Mar 1 2019

Gaelic Storm at Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH, USA

  1. The Narwhaling Cheesehead
  2. Johnny Jump Up
  3. Scalliwag
  4. Cyclone McClusky
  5. The Night I Punched Russell Crowe
  6. Shanghai Kelly
  7. The Samurai Set
  8. Lover's Wreck
  9. Back to the Pub
  10. Raised on Black and Tans
  11. Mingulay Boat Song
  12. The Beer Song
  13. ...
Feb 9 2019

Gaelic Storm at The Key West Theater, Key West, FL, USA

  1. Danny Boy
  2. Johnny Jump Up
  3. Scalliwag
  4. Shanghai Kelly
  5. The Samurai Set
  6. Me and the Moon
  7. The Night I Punched Russel Crowe in the Head
  8. Raised on Black and Tans
  9. PiƱa Colada in a Pint Glass
  10. Johnny Tarr
  11. Floating the Flambeau
  12. Lover's Wreck
  13. ...
Sep 2 2018

Gaelic Storm at Boulevard Stage Kansas City Irish Festival, Kansas City, MO, USA

  1. Raised on Black and Tans
  2. Beggarman
  3. Bare in the Basin
  4. Shanghai Kelly
  5. Me and the Moon
  6. The Beer Song
  7. The Mechanical Bull
  8. Johnny Tarr
  9. Drink the Night Away
  10. Scalliwag
  11. One More Day Above the Roses
  12. Kiss Me I'm Irish
  13. ...

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