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Dec 3 2023

Jeremiah Johnson at The Alley, Sanford, FL, USA

  1. '68 Coupe Deville
  2. Quicksand
  3. Daddy's Going out Tonight
  4. Gasoline and Smokes
  5. Georgia Peach
  6. Muddy Black 'Water
  7. Hot Diggity Dog
  8. Ball and Chain
  9. Showdown
  10. Talk Too Much
  11. So Damn Good
  12. Fire in the Kitchen
  13. ...
Sep 11 2021

Jeremiah Johnson at Guitar Heroes Festival 2021

  1. Daddy's Going out Tonight
  2. Blues in Her Eyes
  3. Muddy Black 'Water
  4. She's got the Blues in her Eyes
  5. Long Way Home
  6. Showdown
  7. American Steel
  8. Good Man, Good Woman
  9. Gotta Serve Somebody
  10. Cherry Red Wine
  11. Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
  12. Start Me Up
Jeremiah Johnson setlists

Jeremiah Johnson

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