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Support live music and local stages! Be excellent to each other and jam on! See you out there - come say hello and lets talk music. Always eager to hear of a band I need to check out! Moved to Dallas in 2017 and fell hard for the massive amount of amazing live music from the area and touring through the area non-stop.


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just looked thru ur shows, u r the festival king

thanks for response, yes im at the begging stage, im coming out there with no ticket yet, just hoping something works out

hi, looks like ur going to greta van fleet, somehow i missed out on tix, any chance u have 1 extra ticket or connections at hob to help me get in, would really appreciate any help, thanks

i see u went to both jack white also, i enjoyed the sunday show more, but its the combined 2 that makes it complete

hi, a giant dog, new band for me so i didnt know the songs, made notes with key words "i heard' my ears r bad from too many loud shows, then had too listen to their songs and match my mis heard words to lyrics in songs, took a while plus i didnt hear their words well, ur angst song was my ice veins song, but i did have total # songs and knew order by notes

thanks Ells for the RKS setlist...hope you go often to see them!!!