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As-tu conservé la setlist du concert de P. Doherty & F. Lo sur France Inter en février 2022?
Elle a été effacée quand j'ai modifié le nom de l'artiste (Doherty & Lo au lieu de Doherty seul).

The guy performing with Merryn Jeann last night at Le Trabendo is Adam Rotschild.
I asked her.

Hello, I saw you attended Amy Winehouse's concert @ Zenith (Pris, 2007) :)
Have you got footage or audio from when she sang "We re Still Friends" by DOnny Hathaway? I know there is a video in youtube, but it is the only video from this performance and the beggining is missing :) If you got it, will you ever upload it on youtube or something similar?
Thank you for reading my messase,
An Amy's fan :)

Hey! I was curious to know if you filmed or know anyone who filmed the 1988 Michael Jackson concert in Paris. If not, that's okay, but there is no full concert footage from this show on YouTube.

Salut, j'ai en effet l'audio de Téléphone du 04/11/82. As-tu des audios ou vidéos de Téléphone, Trust ou les $heriff ? Je recherche tout ce qui est possible sur ces groupes. A+ Titi

I definitely believe that ABC played more songs than that at the Casino de Paris. That is all that is on the FM broadcast that my friend in France taped for me back in the days of tape trading. I haven't seen any photos from the show, but if I do, I will definitely send you a link for them. Its good to speak to a fellow ABC fan! ALL the best...(:

I see, well, it was worth a shot I guess.

Thanks again!

- S.

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