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It is indeed better and proofs it's no fake news. It's not because you may find these evident because you're a fan these are likewise for other persons.
Since you probably found these online, it's only a matter of copying and pasting the source.
This is a collaborative site to which everybody should contribute to the best of their knowledge.

Already told you about Botanique on April 7, this year

Please use exact location or venue for Asymmetry Festival Wrocław following the guidelines at

If everybody thinks like you that 'big' concerts and 'big' groups don't need any sources list, nobody will put any sources because of neglect.
I think there's already enough fake news around on the internet, one thing to avoid this is to put sources.
If e.g. you would have put links to all the 'generic' Botanique gigs for which I asked the proper venue a couple of months ago, it would be so much easier to correct this.
And if for Graspop you start using the festival name as venue you're not following the rules at
So if everybody just acts like he wants to do, this site would be a mess, that's why there's certain rules.

Wanneer locatie voor een festival al bestaat hoef je aan een setlist die je upload niet de (verkeerde) naam van het festival te geven

Niet nodig om na locatie of zaal nogmaals de naam van de gemeente of stad te vermelden.

please use exact venue instead of Graspop festival name and list source if possible to avoid future discussions

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