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if someone has ticket stub / setlist / poster / flyer / vip pass / tour itinerary book from any KoRn show (and related projects: Head, Love and Death, Fear and the nervous system, JD and SFA, JDevil, Stillwell, Fieldys Dreams, LAPD, Sexart) please contact with me (JinX@kornweb.ru) and send photo or scan. i collect this info on my fansite www.KoRnweb.ru

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Hi - sorry for the very late reply! I'll try and find the ticket from 1997 in Glasgow - will let you know when I find it!

Heyo, are you still on here? I'd need your help with some Dir en grey setlists from the FV Tour 2006. We're missing August 12, 13 and September 12 and 20. Do you have anything for those dates? Maybe a friend of a friend recorded them? Even just one song would be helpful already :) Cheers!

hi! got your message reg korn photos glasgow download 2004. do you post them somewhere?

I was at both of those Korn shows and I have recordings of both that match the setlists I posted.

Hi. That Korn show you asked about was supposed to be March not May. I merge/deleted it. Thanks.

I do, and it's signed by the band. I'll get a pic of it for you. Great show.

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