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Do you have anything left of the MrBig Oslo 1992 concert ? Maybe a poster, Flyer, ticket or even a recording - I search badly for it

Funny, I actually interviewed Jeff Keith for a magazine this Thursday, right after I saw your message, but I forgot to ask him about it. Tesla run their own record company so they should have complete control of the spelling. And by the way, the new live album is great, and 100% live, sounds like the crowd was having a blast.
Yep, we've been to seven common concerts, and there will without a doubt be more! Cheers!

Hey Adder, you are right, except that it's not always spelled like that. I was just looking on the statistics and saw that both versions on the name was on the list. I then looked at the new livealbum (Alive In Europe! which I had in front of me) where it was spelled "Lil' Suzie", and therefore assumed that was correct and changed everything to correspond with that.

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