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Hi by any chance do you have a recording of the S. Hoffs show that you attended in Chicago? I have tons to trade

can you please explain the elimination of the content for the Diane Birch setlist of March 7? Not sure what exactly is your complaint about it and would like you to be more specific in your complaint without simply eliminating information, especially since I doubt you attended this performance. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/diane-birch/2021/unknown-venue-unknown-city-1b806184.html
At the moment I deleted the songs you were not indicated as being present at the gig.
If the setlist was a webcast, the least you can do is put a link.

Please use exact location or venue for Lakeview Taco Fest Chicago following the guidelines at

Do you know what songs of the set list that Bruce Hornsby played the piano on? Or was he only on the dulcimer? Thanks!

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