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Tudo bem, não quis parecer arrogante ou algo assim, peço desculpas se pareceu :/
Toda ajuda é bem-vinda, até porque tem uma baita lacuna aqui no site em questão do BRock. Gostaria de algum contato com vocês, seria possível?

Opa cara, boa noite.
Não é a primeira vez que vejo o show da Legião no Gigantinho ser atribuído ao ano de 1989. Peço que corrija isso, até porque o álbum foi lançado em Outubro, e não seria possível fazer uma turnê dele em Maio antes do lançamento. Além do mais que as demais datas no Sul são de Maio/90.
Obrigado pela atenção e peço desculpas por qualquer coisa

Hi there,
I noticed you wrote some nonsense on this setlist to bypass the mandatory edit comment feature.
... is a wiki-effort, and it is important for us all to be as transparent and clear as possible in sharing information. To ensure that edits are verified for other users, and to avoid unnecessary discussions and save a lot of time in the future, edit comments have been made mandatory for all users.
Please ensure that you share informative comments with future edits, so that everybody understands where you received the information you're contributing.

Hello! There's no need to apologize, it's totally fine! I know the whole thing with Late! is a bit weird (it's the same situation with the Foo Fighters song "Winnebago", which is also credited as a Late! song on here), and I personally don't consider either songs to be Late! songs, but the website's whole thing is assigning the songs to their first official release. Since the Pocketwatch release by Late! came out about a year before the "Heart-Shaped Box" single (which "Marigold" was on) by Nirvana, it goes from being a Nirvana song (which you, me, and millions of others consider it to be) to a Late! song. I don't personally agree with it, but hey, the moderators make the rules... What are you gonna do, you know? :) Thank you for your reply! Have a good one!

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