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Hi man, I read you got the Deicide setlist from Brutal Assault. Would it be possible to send me a photo? I am a Fan since 1990. Thank you so very much. Cheers, Markus my address: hellonearth at gmx . net

bq. Not that I would want to cause more problems, but please, search the live videos of those Gorgoroth "medleys". In the rules it says that if the songs were performed in their entirety, they should get line for themselves and not listed as medleys even if they were played right after the first one. And from live videos, they perform the songs in their entirety. Here is video from 2019 (it's also listed as medleys on this show), you can see that they perform the songs in entirety. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82IY-tCDj4I

Isn't that what's supposed to be used for your sources instead of mentioning the guidelines? Nobody seeing your source for your changing those medleys sees only your statement as a source, not the youtube link.
The first medley has been performed since 2009, so a link from ten years later isn't valid.
The second medley has been first performed according to this website in 2007.

Problems with editing have been resolved.

Thanks for the info on the Abbath show in Baton Rouge. I had wondered if "Hecate" had ever been played live before.

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