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Thank you for pointing out that, I didn't realise that Hazlewood was the sole songwriter.
Actually, I believe that this should be attributed to their 1968 collaboration "Nancy & Lee" - the first recording of the song attributed to Hazlewood (even though he featured on Nancy Sinatra's original recording).

When attending some months ago before the song Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves, the singer told a story it was based on a poem by Oscar Wilde and first put to music in a film with Jeanne Moreau singing. Afterwards I noticed that Laibach and Gavin Friday also had sung this song. It was considered a Gavin Friday original.
This is a bit different since the poem was made into a song, while the poems by William Blake are only read.
Maybe I'll ask other moderators what they think about this.

The guidelines about poems are not really clear. I'll update the Prayer poem. Thanks for reporting.

Please use exact location or venue for Brescia Summer Festival you attended following the guidelines at

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