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Hi Royco95.
The first number was a new number from the forthcomming album that i dont know the title of. But sounded like classic Hatebreed stuff. The second number was "perseverance". Have i nice festival. The line up looks realy good


I see you attended Hatebreed's concert in Copenhagen. Can you please tell me with what song (or first 2 songs) they opened the set? Because I will see Hatebreed this Friday at Groezrock in Belgium but the first 5 minutes of their appearance overlaps with the last 5 minutes of Terror and I want to stagedive on Terror's probably last song of the set, haha, so I would really like to know with which song Hatebreed opens, if it's one of their best songs then I would like to see the full Hatebreed show.

Thanks in advance,

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