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Stan -

By any chance do have a recording of the Steely Dan Pittsburgh 2006 show? I am a major collector / fan and have an extensive trade list.

Did you see Neneh Cherry perform at this Lilith Fair? Local papers at the time say she did not perform...

hey stan great seeing you tonight at the mule show, will you be at yestival on wednesday? maybe ill see you again

hey stan, im going to try to get a ticket to tedeschi/trucks tomorrow even though its sold out, do you plan on going?

Hi Stan, sorry I didnt meet you again at the ARW show last week, it was a great time. Im sure we'll see each other again soon. Cant think of much else coming, hope to see you again soon.

Hi Stan, hope you know the ARW show got postponed, you if you have a ticket you can call the cultural district and theyll get you a new one, hope to see you then!

Hi Stan, didn't know whether or not you were going to see Weird Al last week, I would've wanted to meet up. Hope to see you at the ARW show next month. Take care!