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Do you think I should merge the State Library date into the Arts Centre date?

Dude, you got to see some awesome garth brooks sets this year, you lucky motherfucker!

Hi there, would you mind adding a Sharon Corr setlist for each of America's concert dates in Australia this month? Thanks :)

Steve as far as the Garth / Trisha thing goes I don't entirely disagree with you that Trisha should stricly have her own separate set list but due to the unique nature of this tour I thought people coming quickly to our site might want to see all the songs they both performed on one single page and then I also thought there would be people who want her's separate. The bottom line is when we have concerts like this on this site where artists go back and forth in the middle of a show it just isn't going to be pretty. Look at the Billy Joel & Elton John shows or look at the Simon & Garkunkel shows where the Everly Brothers played a mini set mid-show, there just isn't a way to do it that pleases everyone and meets the site rule requirements.