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Thank you for the reply! I have seen your videos before and was hoping to get in contract with you. YouTube sadly lowers the quality of all videos, so for this project all videos will be collected as original files, so no YouTube downloads. Would you be interested in contributing with those?
You'll of course receive credits for it(if you want) and get to see the final result.

If so, I usually think that WeTransfer works really well for sending files:
Other good options for sending files are Google Drive/Gmail, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. My email is "" if any of the sites require it(normal mail only allows up to 25MB file sizes so that sadly isn't an options)

Hello! I am currently working on a project of the U2 concerts from London back in 2018, where we collect videos from the audience and edit them together with audio from the concerts. This project is completely made by fans, so no one will earn any money from this and the project will be shared for free.
Here is an example of Dublin 2018:

Did you by any chance record any videos from these nights in London? (Or maybe know someone who did?)

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