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Currently collecting videos from the U2-concerts in London 2018. If you have any videos, please contact Losslessjoel [at] gmail.com.


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Hi Joe, thanks for the message, the example video on YouTube looks great. Sorry I can’t help though as I didn’t take any video at that U2 show.

Hi Joel - you asked on my profile if I had any video of the U2 set at the O2 on 24 Oct 2018 - I've got about 15 minutes of footage spread over 21 videos. How do I get them to you?

Hi, I have sent you a few videos and some photos from 24/10/18 - I hope that are of use to you. Regards

I will send you some video files and some pictures from the o2 London 2018 U2 gigs. Happy to get a credit but hope they are ok. Let me know. - Steve

I am happy to
We transfer files 6 videos
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Where to send
No credit necessary

Hi - I did take some footage of U2 in London in October 2018. Checkout the videos on YouTube;
Just search for U2.

Yes I did record some short videos
John Belam

I have a very short clip from the 24th October show taken from the front row of the top balcony, probably no use to you but happy to send it if you let me know how.

Hi Joe
I only have U2's October 2015 O2 concert on video, not 2018, but do have a couple of pics if these are any use?
The Elk

I never record video at shows, too busy singing! :)

Hey, I just saw this. Are you still collecting videos?

Hey, sorry I am just now seeing your message. I have a few videos of the concert. I was GA, about 15 people deep so it was relatively close to the stage. I have all off "Running to Stand still", all of "Elevation", and bits and pieces of many of the other songs. I will look and see what I have. Let me know how to get them to you.

Sorry, no videos from U2 in Seattle 2017. Would share them if I did. I have a few videos from Pearl Jam’s home show in Seattle, interested in those videos?

I have some videos from Seattle 2017 near the tree stage, but I don't know how good the quality is.

Yes I have videos. I just sent you an e-mail from ghoekstra@hotmail.com let me know how you would like them sent to you.

I have a few videos from the U2 show in Seattle, how would you like me to send them to you? My email is skimutant@hotmail.com

No video at Seattle show.

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