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Why are you saying that Dirk? I haven't updated that setlist or contributed in any way to that page.

Thank you so much for the information, man. I can't tell you how much I really appreciate it. :) Sorry to have been such a bother! I'm just trying to fill in as much of these setlists as I can, you know? :P Thank you for your patience... Have a good one!

So apparently you were at this old Radiohead gig in 1992, as well... I don't mean to keep bugging you with this crap, but do uou remember any songs from this gig that the band played here, as well? :P

Hey, thanks for replying! I really appreciate your response! :) Now, the problem, though, is that they did mix their setlists up in 1995 quite a bit with the song selections from Different Class and His 'n' Hers... I can't really guess a general setlist from that tour, you know? So, if it's possible, do you happen to remember any of the particular songs that they played? The song order I can piece together, no problem, but guessing the songs would be tricky for me... Any particular songs that you remember?

Hey there! I see that you were at this Pulp show in 1995! The setlist for the show is empty, and I was wondering if you happened to remember any of the songs that they played? If so, please let me know so I can fill out the setlist. Thank you! :)