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Hi! I’m not sure how this comment thing works but I saw you were the one who had added that during the Green Day concert played 9/3/93 (now revised to 9/6/93) that they played the Dio song. The Dio song was dedicated to my dad but i haven’t been able to find any video or audio of this part happening. The only proof I have is from my dad since he was there and this setlist. I was just wondering how did you find out that he played it since I can’t find the video anywhere? If you have the video or audio that would be awesome since my dad and I have been searching for it all day!

I saw your comment on the Backend and will delete the show. The way to communicate with me is to click on my name to the upper left of this comment. That will take you to my page where you can write a message. That also works on any setlist or Forum page except for a [deleted user]. If you click on carlobi (the person who left an earlier comment here it will take you to his page for instance.

Do you think the songs in this setlist are wrong or that the show never happened, or both. If just the songs are incorrect you shouldn't submit it for deletion but instead remove them and give a reason for your edit.

I'm sure with some searching you could find more information about this performance
At least you knew it was in France.

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