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Did I see Veruca Salt at Wicker Park Festival around June 30, 2015? I told them to go see The Soil and the Sun. But I don't think I went to either show.

dc Talk January 26th, 1999 St. Louis, MO Kiel Center Youth Rally/Pope's visit

dc Talk and Audio Adrenaline at a big center in elementary/middle school.

Newsboys at Six Flags.

Audio Adrenaline possibly at Six Flags too.

This'l, Palace, that Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra.
2012 RFT Music Showcase Lineup for June 2

Also from Oct 2, 2010: Of Time and Tide, Paisley Birch, and They Stood Still, Amen

Bleach at some youth group event festival.

Facebook post dated May 15, 2000:
Goo Goo Dolls & Switchfoot, Carrie Ridriguez, The Mother Hips, Eisley, Sara Watkins, Weird Al (yep), Passion Pit, Common, Silversun Pickups, 311 & The Offspring, Collective Soul & Everclear, Eve 6, She & Him and Carolina Chocolate Drops, Flatfoot 56, Better than Ezra, Broken Social Scene & The Airborne Toxic Event, mewithoutYou, Warped Tour

I'm positive that I've seen the OC Supertones at least once. Was it at Agape? Cornerstone? A church or something?

Who have I seen at Cornerstones? Project at a side tent and I think the next year on the main stage. I think Stavesacre? Maybe Klank? I have a vague memory of MxPx at a side stage. I think my only years were 2000 and 2001, but I could be wrong. I think I saw Gryp open for someone, but that probably wasn't Cornerstone.

I have this Project 86 setlist from somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Maybe the Creepy Crawl show? Seems like the setlist of an opener though...
01. Spy Hunter
02. Me Against Me
03. One Armed Man (Play On)
04. Breakdown In 3/4
05. Breakneck Speed
06. Little Green Men
07. Stein's Theme

The Urge ... could've sworn it was a Taste of St. Louis show ... maybe in 2011? Fitz and the Tantrums performed the same night.

Project 86 (10/25/03) - venue unknown
Me Against Me
Spy Hunter
One Armed Man
Another Boredom Movement
Little Green Men
Safe Haven
Spill Me
Breakneck Speed
Say Goodnight
Stein’s Theme

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Thanks for your prompt response

Derek Webb (and Sandra McCracken?) at that church in St. Peters. (4/7/05 Calvary Church St. Peters?)

.rod laver at my old church, and possibly with Project 86 at another church with Dave and Eric

Breaking Benjamin at the Galaxy (Side Door?) around 2000

Beautiful Eulogy and Alert 312 in 2018

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