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damn! 15x you saw Kiss. I'm still waiting for my first one. I saw Iron Maiden 6 times though...\m/....

hey, checked it out and you're right of course. The tour book was printed in 1985 and the write up in for Rough Cutt does say they were supporting their first album which was 1985 and their second was 1986. Found both tickets stubs (yes I keep too much stuff!) but other than listing Helix they didn't help. But they were fun finding.

And yes I was at Kiss in Oshawa. I met with them in Montreal and did a presentation to them for the City of Oshawa to help get them to come. Lots of fun. They are my little kids favourite band so I ended up seeing I think 5 or 6 times that summer.

fair enough, no one forgets their first show. I still remember ACDC and Fastway like it was yesterday. I'll have to go to my achieves and double check, I'm usually very careful about these things. And I do remember the program with Rough Cutt having a page in it supporting their first album. It gives me an excuse to dig through it again too.

Hey there yes I have always known Rough Cutt was the first band I ever saw, then Helix and Dio. I was happy to see all these 3 bands as liked them all.

Are you sure? Rough Cutt played with Dio when they came back with Accept too on June 26 1986. I still have the Dio tour programme and ticket stub from that show with Rough Cutt on/in it. I can't remember seeing them twice.

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