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Old 97’s always a good time

Nice "find" of the Sixthman daily schedules (and just needing to change the date in the url.) That helps a lot!

Thank you for sharing the links to the Cayamo schedules.
I added the stages to a bunch of the setlist and I think they're all linked properly. If you notice a set "fell off", just let me know.
For now, the land-based festivals don't include stages, just the name of the farm, park, beach, public space, etc. Unless the Festival includes a seperate named venue not on the main property then it is included (like Newport Folk Festival). At some point in the future, that functionality will be added. It's on the very long developer list.
The Festival Cruises are handled like the casinos/multiplex that contain several venues.

Hey. I re-added the venues removed and added on the ones where you added the venue in the info note.
Any chance you still have a paper or digital copy of the 2020 Cayamo schedule? The Sixthman attendees often hang on to them.

Hi. We handle the festival cruise venues as separate venues on the boat. These aren't festivals in a field with 6 different stages all includes under the name of the public park, beach, or farm the festival is held on.
The ships have dozens of venues, each with their own entrance and exit, PA, lights, stage, bar, etc.
Please stop removing the venues

For what it's worth, you should post guidelines links if it's a setlist guideline. The Over the Rhine changes don't actually adhere to the Festival guidelines, though.
So, where are you getting this guidance? "The convention on for festivals is to list the overall venue for the festival, not the individual stage name."

Did they an introductory video before the Immediate Family set? Thx

Puddles started the show with a videotaped song "Misery Loves Company." Do you know if that was a Puddles original or a cover?


DUDE. I was in line talking about you at the New Pornographers show with Eric, DANG IT we need to actually plan these things so I can say hi to you!!!!

I don't think we have met. My name is Art. Maybe I'll see you at future show.

Fun Isaak show. Was there an a cappella snippet before the last song? I was heading out

Thanks, was Lowe still there for Allison?

Left halfway thru Ailison, miss anything?

For Liam’s mainly instrumental tune, I wouldn’t title it based on the few lyrics he utters, since he does the instrumental improvised every night

S’up, BJ? Enjoying Finn offspring?

Hot here at Hopmonk, where are you sitting, I’ll say hi

Hello Bamjuggler,
Saw your setlist for Robyn Hitchcock at Moe’s Alley Santa Cruz. You have an Unknown song with the lyric “one more animal”. That sounds like The Leopard off Element of Light. I wasn’t there so didn’t presume to change your setlist. Hope that helps.

Hey BAM!!! Saw you got to go to Jazz Fest! Sorry I had to work, or I would have gone down and said hello! I fixed that Billy Joe Shaver cover on the Shannon McNally setlist. One of the Moderators showed me a trick. If you have trouble adding a cover artist (because this happens sometimes)...just put the @Cover designation, and then put the Music Brainz artist ID inside the brackets, and voila! Problem solved.

He played the exact same set his next show in Portland. Likely, he'll stick with that set for the whole tour, he never changed his set on the last leg. See you at The Dirty Knobs at the Independent?

Great Lindsey show last night. Have to disagree BamJ. I posted the songs live & tracked with the official setlist from the lighting board to confirm, no extra song