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Hi there,
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Would love to hear the Wussy Twangfest set, even if it's not that good. Here are links to my two blogs. Feel free to help yourself to anything there. Direct email is

Glad to know they arrived. Perhaps our paths will cross again (I do feel overdue for a JR show) and if you ever see a show on my list that interests you don't hesitate to reach out. Also, I de-spamified your comments page of several of my posts so hope you don't mind that.

yes yes sorry i've been busy but it did arrive thanks again. anytime jonathan is close by I try to see him and I record every show. I do have some more KY shows but none that you attended.

oh ok the show is on a Sunday so couldn't do that no still haven't got the package yet

No I haven't been actually. Took a daytime tour of The Fox Theatre in Atlanta but it wasn't same security protocols they probably would be using on show nights and also was about 5 years ago and lots has changed since Vegas, Bataclan, etc. Get any good mail yesterday?

That's awesome! Hard to imagine a more beautiful place to make the memory happen too.

Yeah that was me! i was excited that was the first time he played something I yelled out

Did you request "My Affected Accent"? Voice of person who did comes out loud in tape so had to wonder if that might be you. Good pick in any case.

Fox Theatre in STL prohibits even camera phones... they will ask you to not take pictures, and remove you if you continue... at least that was my experience at Neil Young and Jethro Tull. Amazingly beautiful theatre though.

yes obladerek it was me. and I do have a recording of the show

ok send me your address andi' can send out a copy. The sound is a little low and some of Think i'm in love was cut but other than that its good

you stated that you had an audio recording of the Beck show from 9/22/16? I would love a copy of that.

If you'd like a recording of the JR show in Lancaster, let me know and I will send you a link. (Free.)

Rupard @ gmail

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