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Hi Danny,

Many thanks for your reply.

If you can scan your ticket, it will be very nice. Here my mail address.



I'm looking for a scan of the concert ticket from Phil Collins in Buffalo.
I read that you went to see this concert.
Did you keep your ticket?

Thank you!

Opening act for Eagles concert March 19, 1977 in Rochester, Ny was Jimmy Buffet! An awesome concert,

As regards to the Ramones setlist at Laker Hall the "review" was written by one Shari Malowitz. It is actually pretty funny in a way. It reads like the rock reviews in the fifties and sixties from Jerkwater, USA where half the article is about how loud it was and how grubby the audience and bands were. I wonder if someone told Shari the Ramones were a dance band that she was being asked to cover to goof on her. Oh well, Anyway, if you remember any songs from this show and could add them to the setlist it would be appreciated.

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