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Yes, I have a video snippet of Vermillion Eyes on my camera , It's the song where Alex sings " On a Saturday.... it is on my Instagram page ....polkadotfrenzy if you need proof

Any clues of what the second song in the encore of The Black Angels show sounded like at all, any lyrics? I had to leave right before the encore for work. This was my 20th BA show so I might recognize it if I have clues

The album and tour are both billed as Julian Lage on his website, Ticketmaster and other ticketing sites, regardless of a "trio" being the number of people playing.

THANKS for the Terra Lightfoot setlist. I've been trying to keep her tour dates complete, and it seems like you're one of the few (like me) who got to keep track of what she played (even though my New Orleans setlist is only about half complete)!

Thank You for updating songs at Michael Franti show

I was indeed at the show. It was more of a snippet or a modified intro than the whole song which is why myself (and others don't know why you singled me out) removed it. Now that it is listed as partial I have no problem with it being there even though including partial songs is a slippery slope in my opinion.

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