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Name Max Zubic
Instagram maxzubicmusic

A young musician from the Rockford area doing my best to get the Rockford music scene on setlist.fm.

Favorite bands: Volbeat, Alter Bridge, Halestorm (LZZY <3 <3 <3), Tremonti, YU Grupa, Plush, Downplay, Mammoth WVH, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Headroom Karma...What? I can't say my own band is one of my favorites?

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgZ9FR7_xtbW9EEexsfP0Ag


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Yep, the set from Sioux City looks to be correct for Gary. I have not gone through the videos I took from last night just yet (real busy day at work), but if there are any edits, I'll put them in once I do go through.

Nothing between back from the dead and the steeple. And I’m honestly not familiar with Volbeat so I don’t know the sing names.

Sorry dude, i didnt check how info should be write correct

Same dude! When they played it at soundcheck i kinda figured they would do it, but by the time Metalingus came I was like where’s Coeur d’Alene and then they played it in the encore haha it was great! And the band sounded amazing as always

Thanks bro! Appreciate it! And 4 haha!! Plus I’m thinking of doing memphis, Houston & San Antonio in august! (Yeah I know lol) but they won’t be around forever and they’ve been one of my faves ever since I was a kid around 2005, now I take every opportunity I can to see them, especially ever since I moved to Atlanta in January, I just saw them twice between 2017-2020

Hey dude! Would u mind adding Sevendust and hot for crime show for Chattanooga today? I’ll be there haha but I still can’t do anything here lol (they’re opening for Alter Bridge) https://www.instagram.com/p/CqBDDyIL9nS/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

I do not recall the setlist

Hey dude - honestly I don't recall any of the setlist. I worked at WXEG (103.9 The X) from 99-2013 and have some audio and video recordings from various performances from our X-Fests. When I finally dig into those boxes, I'll be sure to touch base if I can find any Downplay stuff.

Ahh my bad ! Thanks for letting me know haha, just seeing their setlists on past shows it seems Get Up & Daylight are listed as separate songs w info added!

Thanks for being very helpful !

Thank y so much man!

Yeah! I never thought Think It Over was gonna get dropped haha especially since it was a single, but with the new album on the horizon, sadly I think a few songs might get dropped, some already did like the big picture, you’ll be the one, etc! Tbf tho, they haven’t done a headlining show in quite a while!

Thanks for re adding the setlist man! Hopefully one admin at least can help, it’s been hell trying to get help !

I also added the mammoth set but was reverted haha

Hey man! I have no clue I contacted some admins but no luck, still having problems lol hopefully someone can help cause I can’t do anything! Haha

They played Step Into Light, instead of Say No More which appeared on the paper setlist.

It was like the Oslo gig except the song lover replaced by a first time song, maybe Shed my skin ? I don't remember

Hey, sadly I don't. I will add as much as I remember soon!

I don't know. Sometimes these glitches don't resolve themselves like they should. If you can't add shows by noon tomorrow let me know and I will file a bug report.

We had a lot of trouble with you and/or your bandmates a while back that caused us a lot of headaches with fake shows in Yugoslavia, attempts to circumvent the Guidelines and many other things. I suggest that you stick to adding shows performed in front of a live audience at a public place. And with the pandemic (hopefully) ending many Private Venue shows may no longer be listed here in the near future.

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