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Do you remember Paralandra's setlist at Westgate?

But he did the Joe Cocker arrangement and sang like Joe Cocker, not like Ringo Starr, but it doesn't matter. It is a cover and we all know who did it over the years, main point is to list the songs.

Good Evening, I see that you attended a dozen system of a down shows from 1998-2023, that's amazing! how where they? I want to know if you have any recordings/photos from any of those shows, if not, do you know anyone who does? thanks in advance!


Hi - by any chance do you have the physical setlist for Rage Against the Machine on 1996-07-18? I run a Rage Against the Machine live archive at https://ratm.live and would love to add it if so. Please LMK, thanks!

If no perform, no setlist, I’ve marked for deletion thanks!

Thanks for posting the Lost 80s show. Did Josie Cotton not perform?

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