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1 - Bruce Springsteen & E. Street Band
2 - Pearl Jam
3 - Green Day, R.E.M, Roger Hodgson, The Who, Jethro Tull
4 - Iron Maiden, Metallica, The Cramberries, Blind Guardian, Bad Religion, Foo Fighters


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done, he won't bother us again
thx 4 the report

Andy Summers and Rodrigo Santos played Reggatta de Blanc linked to Can't Stand Lising You in Rio de Janeiro.

So, we talked and he's ok about the running time, it's back. About the Intro tape and the rest of the info tag, I have to agree with him. The @Tape is pointless unless it's a specific song. Cheers!

Hi! I sent a message to him explaining the situation. Let's see his answer :) Cheers!

Como colocar no setlist quando uma banda faz uma improvisação? No caso, a 12ª música desse show. (

Thanks for your note. The setlist you pointed out under the old style is locked for editing by moderators, so I am unable to update it. Once a mod is able to review the issue I raised and confirm the display treatment or determine a new way of handling I will ask them to update that setlist as well. Thanks again!

Spotify's lists of the shows I attended (and some others :))

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