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Hello hockeydad,

Please take a minute to read a few things about my Uriah Heep research here:

Could you please send an e-mail to the address included on that page? ( )

I would like to ask you about the detailed set list you posted for the Uriah Heep concert in Providence, RI back in October 1978.

Thank you & best regards,

I found it online. I think it might have been a review from the Globe.
I was closer to the back, but it was a wild night!

Where did you come up with that setlist for that Bad Co. show at the Boston Garden? That is awesome... I was at that show, but had no idea of all the songs or order they played them. Is there a recording of that show out there? The Boston Garden was WILD that night.... I was in the first few rows, right up front and we stood on our chairs the whole show!