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No did not record the show.

Hello, I have an unusual request. I see that you attended Journey's concert in Saratoga Springs, NY on June 14, 1983, and I was wondering, did you happen to record their concert that night, or do you know anyone who did record? If so, please email me .

Sorry, did not record, nor know any

Sorry Bean, I did not record that Journey show or know anyone who might have.

Hi Bean! I do not have a recording of that show, unfortunately. I take pictures at all the shows I go to. I asked a couple of friends if they had recorded it and they had not either. I'd love to have a recording of it myself.

Hi Bean- They did not allow any recording devices and cameras. Even says it on my ticket stub which I still have: Beaver Productions presents at Vets Memorial Coliseum Sunday Dec 14, 1986 Sec A, Row 2, Seat 20) 1986 was long before cellphones. I believe THEY were actually recording the concert that night. I was in the second row. AWESOME concert! Maybe you can try contacting Beaver Productions to see if they have any video.

Concerning March 28, 1983, Journey @ Tacoma Dome. Sorry but I do not have a recording.

Sorry, BeanRock. No recording. Didn't have my iPhone handy. lol


I did not record the 1986 show at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD. I think as a few others have mentioned, there was a radio broadcast from Philadelphia which was a week or so before the show in Landover and you should be able to find that on YouTube. Quite frankly, the 1986 tour saw Journey a bit past their prime imo, they had lost Smith and Valory who were an excellent rhythm section.

If you want to see and hear Journey playing at the same venue a few years earlier, you should check this video out from when they toured for Departure in 1980, this to me was them in their prime. The video is a bit grainy, but the sound is excellent.

Sorry beanrock. I did not record the concert. They probably would have kicked me out. That was still considered bootlegging back then, I think.

Hey. Sorry, no tape of Journey ‘86. I was only 15 and didnt even know you could do that! :) Love to hear an ‘86 show - if you find one please share!

No I didn't. As many have said it was almost impossible to record a concert in those days but there is a recording from 1986 in Philadelphia. If I remember correctly Westwood One had the show live on their radio program.

Sorry, no I didn't record that Journey concert. The only concert I ever recorded was Cheap Trick and Nick Gilder in 1979, and that turned out pretty crappy, considering I was using a little cassette recorder hidden in my jacket. I see you have become a huge Journey fan, I don't blame you, they were great! Good luck to you.

Sorry, I didn't record the Charleston, WV concert...

Hey. Sorry, but I did not record that show.

Sorry bean, I did not record Journey or any other concerts

Hi, Beanrock.
How are you?
sorry,no recorded.
I think You have Philadelphia and Detroit.
In DVD, member of JOURNEY, They are interviewed at Seattle,
I am not sure, might be live sequence are taping at seattle.

Sorry....didn't record Journey in Charlotte 1986. Best of luck!

Since you’ve only seen the karaoke version of Journey, I can understand why you would want a video of the ‘86 Journey show! It was awesome!! Check out the set lists from that tour. Everyone was in the lineup except for original bass player, Ross Valory, and Keyboardist Gregg Rollie. Randy Jackson was bass player. Unfortunately this was a time before cell phones, so I don’t have a recording of this show. The only cameras at the time were very large and the venue would never have allowed a regular concert goer to bring something like that into the venue. Unless you were a news reporter. Check local news stations and see if they have anything in their archives. But that’s a long shot. All I have left are the great memories from an awesome Journey show.
Rock on Beanrock 124

That 1981 Journey concert in Houston was recorded for broadcast on MTV and was later released on DVD. See for those details.

But there are plenty of places to watch or listen to the concert, for example:
* Soundcloud:
* Spotify:
* Buy the DVD on Amazon:
* Watch the MTV broadcast (sound isn't so great) at

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