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Fun show last night! Did you catch all of Mark’s snippets? Listen closely tonight!

I will get some songs from Adam and Dreamcar but I won’t be watching J&MC as I will see them at their own tour in a couple of months.

I am still hesitant with who I will see between Soft Cell and Placebo.

I can’t get a full continuous set though, I’m not equipped for it.

Will do in a few weeks, I will still be on the road till mid-June.

I don’t have full shows, a few full song but sometimes I just grabbed snippets of song to get order and title right.

Good Afternoon, I see that you attended a system of a down show just last night, how was it? I want to know if you have any recordings/photos from that night, if not, do you know anyone who does? thanks in advance!


No problem, thanks for checking our music!

Hi jloughney, sorry to bother you, but Toner Low (for which I am the guitarist) is not playing in SF Wednesday 27 March. The band Toner is playing, though, and I asked the moderators to remove the Toner Low set list you created for 27 March (https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/toner-low/2024/rickshaw-stop-san-francisco-ca-33aa4cbd.html)
btw Not sure if you selected the wrong band on Setlist.fm, or are expecting to attend a Toner Low concert this Wednesday. Toner Low is a doom stoner band from the Netherlands, while Toner is an indie band from Oakland.

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