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Hey man, I noticed you just changed a detail of a Smiths concert (at Trinity College in Dublin in 1983) that I had previously uploaded. May I ask why you changed the name of the tour from 'This Charming Man' to 'The Smiths'? The debut album wasn't released until Feb 20th 1984 so that tour could not have been for the debut album, they were touring to promote This Charming Man at the time. Do you want to change it back?

Hi, your edits on the Buckingham Nicks setlists are incorrect. The songs were written and recorded before they joined Fleetwood Mac. Please change them back.

Hi, please be careful with the shows that you add. You recently added some shows for Phoenix in Mexico City in 2006 that clearly did not happen because the band was on tour elsewhere during those dates:
It would really help us a lot to avoid these mistakes if you can leave a link to your source(s) (YouTube, Facebook, whatever) in the comments section of the setlist. Thanks!

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