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Hi there,

please post it to the Problems with Artists topic in the forum: https://www.setlist.fm/forum/setlistfm/website-support/problems-with-artists-2bd6bc56

thanks a lot!

no problem.
I should be after 120,000 plus edits.

have a good one. Dr. AL

I merged the setlist with the other ones for Jon Spenser.
Any name changes would have to go through Musicbrainz if spelling is incorrect?
Or a Mod would have to fix it.

All best, DR. AL

i agree, such a great show. and wow, you've been to so many good shows. you have my deepest respect internet stranger! lol

thank you for filling out the setlist for Waxahatchee last night, greatly appreciated. first time seeing them live after being obsessed with them once i discovered them last year and that setlist was perfect imo :)

Hope one day Fripp will bring it out.

Yes, you're right with Adrian Belew.
As for this setlist: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/king-crimson/1996/palacio-de-congresos-madrid-spain-bd7ad26.html

Are you sure, that it was Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part 1. As it would be the only live performance since 1996!

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