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hey, it happens. people tend to butt heads when editing setlists, but no bad blood! it’s silly to get upset over something like this :) also I agree, it’s annoying that medleys make the song counts off, but at the end of the day I’d rather have a correct/consistent setlist, yknow? sorry if I came off as mean or aggressive!

A break in the music = no music playing whatsoever. It’s a very clear transition into HOTY and that makes it a medley. There are about 30 other setlists that agree with that statement as well.

Hi mate! Do you have the file of MxPx's streams for October, January and February? Looking to trade with the December streams and the recent one :)

My bad! LOL they did play Teenage Bottlerocket, then theirs :)

Hi there, please always include a source link when reporting album assignments. This makes double checking so much easier and faster. Thanks!

Christian from Anberlin is here! Next section over from me!!!

Yes!!! Jimmy and Incubus! I'm assuming you're also here?

Hi, I saw your edit to my Lifehouse setlist this morning - - and was just wondering your rationale behind changing the middle acoustic set up from a medley (which is what it was) to seperate songs (which it wasn't)? They were just short snippets of songs, all blended together. This is my first setlist hence I followed the guidelines like glue. Thanks!

What a surprise! I've been seeing your name on tons of shows I've been to for years. One of my roommates joined this site and we often say "wonder if loveisthemvmt is here?" Good to digitally meet you. I thought the last two anberlin shows were incredible. I'm not sure it's really set in for me that they won't tour again next year. I wish the last show felt more final. Loved seeing Adelaide but felt like the show was very similar to most of the dates on this tour.

er not argue with me *agree with me fail lulz

I use talent, originality, and influence over other musicians to factor musical value... most people argue with me and say in makes sense because music that is talentless, music that all sounds the same, and music that has no effect in the grand scheme of music (ie justin bieber) isn't good.

Like seriously........... none of the new songs are original in any way. The only creativity that remains is the Violin and Cello (I met Tate Oslen :3333) and that's not even very original. Folk metal already did that.

I mean when awake came out they got weaker

:3 I mean they're all good... self titled to awake... they just start getting weaker after awake

The stuff they put out back then is factually stronger... But idk, Collide and Comatose are my favorites

Oh, and by 'old stuff' I didn't mean Savior, I meant Gasoline.

The new stuff just.. isn't very good
factually >_>

Holy crap, you saw Skillet before Awake came out.. I swear, freaking monster is the only thing they will play nowadays! The old stuff deserves to come back

Yeah, it was deleted :/ Although I read a review of a concert from the "Collide Tour" in Early 2005, I believe, where they did play Imperfection, but I can't remember when they played Fingernails..:/

Yeah, there's a bunch of vids of Energy and You're Powerful out there, I'm specifically looking for Imperfection, A Little More, and Fingernails..thanks for replying! :)

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