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Chappell Roan - April 5, 2024 - Pittsburgh, PA

Green Day - September 1, 2024 - Pittsburgh, PA


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Great! Thank you very much man!

Hey, can I use reddit as a source? Because it has been confirmed that the green day concert is going to be played there.

Hey. Thanks for responding so quickly with the link!

Do you have a link to a picture of the Green Day Metro setlists besides the imgur link in the comments on this site?? You mention one was captioned EXTRA SONGS. Where was that "captioned"? thanks

Thanks for the help with the fall out boy edit in atlanta. Somehow the original one was deleted earlier tonight and a moderator said it’s unable to be restored. :S

But should be all good now!

Just wanted to reiterate here that I apologize and I don't mean to butt heads.

Very well. I'll leave those. It is a ridiculous thing that users have petitioned to have changed before, and I hope it will be. It messes with the song counts. But the 30 setlists now reflect the Halo theme, so please leave that be.

There are 20 seconds between those two songs. guidelines say it isn't a Medley if there's a break like that. A little piano in between doesn't make it a Medley.

Respectfully, you weren't at the Twenty One Pilots show in Tampa. I was. This show was not a part of the Takeover Tour. And there were breaks between the songs, which guidelines say is not a Medley. Please stop changing it for a show you didn't attend.

The Travis Barker show is best posted as a festival, since there was not an actual venue called that.

Hello, i noticed that in the twenty one pilots summerfest setlist the "tmnt intro" before shy away is credited but i haven't been able to find it, none of the intros of that show sounds like what was played there, do you may have info about this?

In 2017 for emotional roadshow, they did Message Man/Polarize. They played almost the entirety of message man, but just the end of Polarize. I saw them play it Feb 11 2017. It says it was a "mashup" but it was practically the song in its entirety.

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