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Hi Ludilike,
when you go to Elles here on ( ) you find on the bottom of the page the link to the MBID-number of Elles. This is the link to the musicbrainz artist .
So this Elles published 2005 an Album called "Pure Chill".
Leglessmoof merged Elles with Elles de Graaf, because both artist were assigned to the same MBID-ID.
So I think all these "Elles" are not identical with the Elles that played in a private venue in Munich this week. The correct solution would be to create on musicbrainz a new Elles for the German artist. Then 2-3 days later it will be possible to transfer this MBID to and assign the concert to the correct Elles.
Best regards,

Na gern doch!
War ein toller Abend. :)

Hey, danke für die Ergänzungen zur Spider Murphy Gang.

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