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I'm sorry that you feel that way. We do the same thing with other setlists all the time. The whole site degenerates if you don't have certain Guidelines. You'd be surprised what some people put into the body of the setlist. FYI if you hadn't put in "Street cred alert" I probably wouldn't have taken out the info on the police shutting down the show. Feel free to put that police info back in. Also remember that not everyone who uses this site is all that fluent in English and might not necessarily understand slang terms.
Thanks for responding to my comments


Sorry that you're taking it as such an insult - certainly wasn't meant that way. While I appreciate the work that people do to moderate and standardize setlists, it's extraordinarily heavy handed to remove the notes from the setlists themselves. Particularly since no one other than editors typically click through to the comments section. Sort of takes all the fun out of it, wouldn't you agree?

Do you think I'm stupid or what? I didn't take your "Street red alert" out twice by accident. That doesn't go in a setlist, it goes in the Comment section.

I took the comment you made on that setlist for a reason. It does NOT go at the top of the setlist. That is for set information (Set 1, Acoustic, etc). That information goes in an @info tag at the end of the set or in the comment section. Please follow the Guideles for the correct way to do this.

Country Honk is an acoustic version of HTW featuring a kickdrum and violin, and sung by Jagger in a "countrified" manner. It is a different version, actually with a few different lines of lyrics as well. This is why it was credited on the album/cd/etc. as Country Honk by the Stones themselves. And it was this version that was played by Poet Section that night. Again, I appreciate your attention to detail, but this absolutely should NOT be changed. Thanks... Michael