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All your edits to Barry Manilow setlist have the generic source where it is very difficult to find the source for changing some songs to medleys. At least I can't find any proof.
Give us a link which proofs you're correct or all your edits may be undone.

"Adding show" is not a source. Please provide real sources for your edits or they will be reverted.

Please stop posting those Metallica setlists for Aug 29 and read the below paragraph to understand why. You are creating a lot of work for us and if you don't stop we will have to revoke your editing privileges until you do.

"This user keeps adding duplicate Metallica and Three Days Grace shows that took place at one venue and adding them again at a different venue he supposedly attended. He lists them as taking place on August 29th (the date the pre-recorded concert was aired at theaters across the United States and Canada; the Metallica setlist was taped on August 10th and the Three Days Grace has an unknown date attached for now) at the “Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In Theater, Gibson City, IL” (which is one of the one hundred venues the show was aired at; Actually filmed at two locations in Sonoma, California and an unknown venue in Canada respectively). To my knowledge, he has created the fake setlist twice and stated “I'm still putting this online… I'm not giving up” for both sets in question. I keep marking them as duplicates, but I feel that somebody should let this user know that this website works a certain way in order to keep proper statistics for the artists."