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This setlist should be deleted. Bruce does not do three shows in three nights since at the very least The River Tour when he had to postpone some dates due to exhaustion. Anybody who has been to his on average 3+ hour shows, understands why this would be part of preparing a tour schedule. The setlist from this date and August 10 are exactly the same. This show happened as correctly posted on August 10,1992. For what it is worth, i've seen Bruce in concert 30 times plus halftime of the Super Bowl. A pale number to many people who have seen him in the 100s of times to be sure. He's only played where i live twice, so the other times came as a result of planning vacations in sync with his schedule.

Thanks for your help. I have deleted the concerts you commented on - the index should update itself in a couple of days and they will disappear from the database.

There is about a 20 minute clip on youtube. Martin Chambers and Pete Farndon were interviewed. Martin said his injury occurred in Philadelphia and that it would take 6 weeks for him to recover. So that would take in all the dates in North America in the fall of 1981.

Hi, I just your your comment about a cancelled Pretenders show here:

We don't store cancelled concerts on, so I will delete it soon. However, I was wondering whether you knew which other dates on the tour were also cancelled? With a broken hand, I assume that more than one concert was cancelled.

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