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"I don't have a stub or pics from this show (and hardly any pics at all from the other concerts) but I do have a pant load of ticket stubs. Anybody in particular you're looking for?

Anything Max Webster would be great - ticket stubs are gold. Please drop me a line.

bob at maxwebsterlive dot ca.

Thanks !

Rob - thanks for putting up the Max Webster 1978 date at Ye Olde City Hall ! Have you got a ticket stub or photos from the gig (or from any of the others you saw) ?

That's okay, I appreciate your getting back to me. That was a long time ago. Next question, if you don't mind - who are seeing next in concert?

Hi Rob, just noticed that you asked about the Genesis concert at the London Arena back in '76. I have to admit that I don't recall whether there was any opening act. Sorry!

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