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Hey...Sorry i don't got any more info...Just got the Kee To Bala dates from here...

"Rob - thanks for putting up the Max Webster 1978 date at Ye Olde City Hall ! Have you got a ticket stub or photos from the gig (or from any of the others you saw)?" I don't have a stub or pics from this show (and hardly any pics at all from the other concerts) but I do have a pant load of ticket stubs. Anybody in particular you're looking for?

I did not copy the set list. It was a long ago and only remember a few of the songs that Kim Mitchell played. If you were there and remember it differently please update.

I never found a review of the show on that site. I don't think there was one. Maybe on some other Buffalo newspaper that I can't find with a simple Google search and I doubt that it is worth your time going thru this college newspaper issues as it was at the end of the seems.

It's me who has been posting most of the shows. You're welcome :)

27 July was not posted by me. I changed the date based on my ticket and just downloaded the 26th show from dime and that setlist makes me more convinced this one is 27th. I wasn't recording yet when this one happened (started in '88). I have a few Kim Mitchel shows and a bunch of Max Webster that has been uploaded to dime in the last year. Kim Mitchell was a summer staple for me in the '80s.

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