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HI! i see your setlist on Ramones´s Show ( you have this show?
Are you interested in exchanging for other Ramones gigs?
Waiting for answers

Gabriel Freitas

I see that you changed the setlist for the Ian Hunter show in Lenox that we both attended. Do you think that what you entered was the entire show? I seem to remember more songs being played but could easily be wrong. Was that list from your memory or somewhere else?

Hi, I'm collecting lossless live recordings by Ramones and Ramones solo.
If you are interested in trading them, or if you know tapers who have recorded Ramones or Ramones solo, please let me know.
I have many Ramones and Ramones solo recordings and some rare recordings.

This is my e-mail.

Best regards.


Rockingsince73 is my dad; I showed him this website and helped him input some of his old setlists from his own handwritten journal he would update during/after each of these shows back in the day. So, he is actually his own source on the Scorpions/Priest set you inquired about! Further, neither he nor I have ever touched a drink, so our data is pretty spot-on. : )

WOW, cool... so where did you get the setlists for Scopions and Judas Priest for that show in Boston???

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