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Hello! I saw you attended Queen's concert in Portland, 1977. I was asking.. do you have an audio recording of the show? Thanks in advance, greetings! Let me know ;)

HI! i see your setlist on Ramones´s Show ( you have this show?
Are you interested in exchanging for other Ramones gigs?
Waiting for answers

Gabriel Freitas

I see that you changed the setlist for the Ian Hunter show in Lenox that we both attended. Do you think that what you entered was the entire show? I seem to remember more songs being played but could easily be wrong. Was that list from your memory or somewhere else?


Rockingsince73 is my dad; I showed him this website and helped him input some of his old setlists from his own handwritten journal he would update during/after each of these shows back in the day. So, he is actually his own source on the Scorpions/Priest set you inquired about! Further, neither he nor I have ever touched a drink, so our data is pretty spot-on. : )

WOW, cool... so where did you get the setlists for Scopions and Judas Priest for that show in Boston???

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