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Apparently you have already been advised not to post assumed setlists and not to post them before the shows are played. There is no reason to do this. This wil probably bayou final warning about discontinuing this practice

I understand your reasoning, but it's important to remember that is about documenting what was actually played, no guesses, no assumptions and also no predictions. Only songs that were definitely played are allowed on here. That's the reason why it's not allowed to add songs before a concert took place. It's part of the about section: "...the list of the songs a band or artist actually played during a concert"

Hey there, again: please don't add songs to setlists before the concert even happened. That's not how works. Also please take special care to adding correct dates and venues. Thanks - would be nice to get a response, if you have any questions, post them with the response. Happy to help. cheers

Hi there, please add songs only after the concert took place - although some artists play the same setlist at every show. The reason is that on it's important to add the list of songs that have actually been played (not the intended ones). And this list can't be known for certain before a concert took place. Thanks for your understanding & cheers

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